Thursday, September 3, 2009

Letter from MTNA Board to Commissioner Leonard - privatization and the future of Mt. Tabor's reservoirs

September 3, 2009
Via email

Dear Commissioner Leonard-

The Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association applauds the statements you made in Council Chambers on July 29th (during discussions surrounding Resolution #1071- LT2 Treatment plans) in which you asserted your plans to bring before voters an amendment to the City Charter. This Amendment as described by you would protect our water system and prevent future privatization, regionalization, any dissolution of our publicly held water rights in Bull Run, and the blending of river waters with our pristine Bull Run drinking water. We’d like to offer our strongest support to you and your staff as you pursue this effort; please do not hesitate to call on us should you find we can be of assistance in any way.

The Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association also noted another set of statements made by both Commissioner Fritz and yourself at that same hearing. You asserted that the decision to drop the pursuit of legislative relief from our LT2 compliance strategy applied narrowly and only to the source water treatment requirements of the LT2 Rule, and not to the open storage requirements of that Rule. As such, we assume the Water Bureau strategy for Open Reservoirs will remain three-pronged and include legislative, administrative and build-planning efforts. In this matter, we’d like to know what is underway or in the works for each of the strategic prongs (legislative relief, administrative/regulatory reform, and build planning). Our next regular community meeting is on September 16; as our entire neighborhood is eager for information, we hope to hear from you in time for us to present an update at that meeting.

Warm regards,

Stephanie Stewart
On behalf of the Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association Board