Monday, November 27, 2017

50th/Lincoln diverter community meeting

On November 2, 2017 volunteers with the Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association, including Paul Leistner, hosted a community meeting to help inform the neighborhood about a proposed traffic diverter to be located at SE 50th and SE Lincoln.  About 55 neighbors were in attendance.

A minority of the attendees supported the diverter as proposed.  A majority of the attendees either felt the plan needed to be revised based on location specific issues, or they out-right opposed the plan as conceived because they find it too flawed.  All attendees were concerned about bike, pedestrian and traffic safety in this area. No one was "anti-bike," and really only one person seemed to be "anti-car," (but he might have employed hyberbole for effect).  Please remember this as you discuss this topic with your neighbors: you all want the same thing, you just might have different approaches to getting there.

MTNA volunteers took every comment/question/suggestion from this meeting and organized them by theme, to share with you.  Click here for that PDF:

An analysis written by MTNA's former traffic chair, Molly Cliff-Hilts. This also presents an alternative solution to improving bike safety on Lincoln. Click here for that PDF:

To add your comments to the city's survey about this project, click here:

To view the city's web page for this project, click here:

To view a grassroots petition to revise/oppose the diverter, click here: 

To view a grassroots petition to support the diverter, click here:

To contact CITY DECISION MAKERS directly:
Sheila Parrott, project manager
Portland Bureau of Transportation

Leah Treat, Director
Portland Bureau of Transportation

Stacy Brewster, Constituent Communications & Media Manager; 503-823-4151

revisions to this post: Nov 28: I posted the City Decision Makers contact info.  Nov 29, 11 am: I posted the analysis from former traffic chair Molly Cliff-Hilts.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Send us Tabor Reservoir historic photos, documents, and stories

The Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association (MTNA) seeks your historic photos, documents, and stories about Mt. Tabor Park's historic open reservoirs. 

We are interested in collecting photos, stories, documents about:
  • Mt. Tabor’s open reservoirs, from construction to today;
  • The Bull Run watershed, from the late 1800’s to today;
  • The original engineering and construction of the Bull Run system, from the watershed to the city.
How to share materials with MTNA?
If you have materials in your own personal collections, please consider sharing them with our team.  You can email: with your digital files.  Or, if your materials are not digitized, send us a note to that same address with a description of what you have and a way to contact you and someone will get in touch. 

Please share this request with others!
Help us get the word out.  Share this message on facebook, nextdoor…

What's this about?
As you may remember, the land use review for the disconnect construction project at the Mt. Tabor reservoirs mandated that the Portland Water Bureau capture some of the story of Mt. Tabor's reservoirs, and their role in the Bull Run water delivery system.  This story is to be made available through on-site educational materials.  This kind of effort is known as an “interpretive program.”  MTNA is part of the joint team (which includes professional historians and PWB staff) that will help craft this interpretive program over the next 2 years. This summer, this team will be dedicated to collecting materials and conducting research, and sometime this fall you can keep an eye out for a public meeting at which we will share some of our emerging ideas for the program.