Monday, November 27, 2017

50th/Lincoln diverter community meeting

On November 2, 2017 volunteers with the Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association, including Paul Leistner, hosted a community meeting to help inform the neighborhood about a proposed traffic diverter to be located at SE 50th and SE Lincoln.  About 55 neighbors were in attendance.

A minority of the attendees supported the diverter as proposed.  A majority of the attendees either felt the plan needed to be revised based on location specific issues, or they out-right opposed the plan as conceived because they find it too flawed.  All attendees were concerned about bike, pedestrian and traffic safety in this area. No one was "anti-bike," and really only one person seemed to be "anti-car," (but he might have employed hyberbole for effect).  Please remember this as you discuss this topic with your neighbors: you all want the same thing, you just might have different approaches to getting there.

MTNA volunteers took every comment/question/suggestion from this meeting and organized them by theme, to share with you.  Click here for that PDF:

An analysis written by MTNA's former traffic chair, Molly Cliff-Hilts. This also presents an alternative solution to improving bike safety on Lincoln. Click here for that PDF:

To add your comments to the city's survey about this project, click here:

To view the city's web page for this project, click here:

To view a grassroots petition to revise/oppose the diverter, click here: 

To view a grassroots petition to support the diverter, click here:

To contact CITY DECISION MAKERS directly:
Sheila Parrott, project manager
Portland Bureau of Transportation

Leah Treat, Director
Portland Bureau of Transportation

Stacy Brewster, Constituent Communications & Media Manager; 503-823-4151

revisions to this post: Nov 28: I posted the City Decision Makers contact info.  Nov 29, 11 am: I posted the analysis from former traffic chair Molly Cliff-Hilts.