Thursday, January 15, 2015

Reservoir debrief - HLC hearing #2

On January 12, 2015, the Tabor Reservoir disconnect project had its second Historic Resource Review hearing in front of the Historic Landmarks Commission (HLC).  Documentary filmmaker Brad Yazzolino has posted video of the 3 hour hearing here:

Water Bureau continued to resist including in their project documents, the preservation plans required by Oregon land use law.   If you’d like to see more about the Water Bureau’s failure to meet land use law with this proposal, see land use attorney Ty Wyman’s brief on this subject here.  Additionally, Water Bureau only addressed 6 of the 11 items about which the Historic Landmarks Commission previously requested more documentation.
Without proper documentation (including preservation plans for the site), PWB’s application violates land use law, and if this proposal is allowed to move forward in its current state there is ground for an appeal to LUBA.  MTNA and other neighborhood groups are prepared for that possibility.  However, as the right path forward serves both the interests of the community and the interests of the law, we continue to hope the proposal will be amended by either the Water Bureau or the HLC.

The Historic Landmarks Commission was not satisfied with Water Bureau’s application, and these Commissioners did not make a decision at Monday’s hearing.  Because new information was introduced just before the hearing, the record is held open until 12 noon on January 20th to allow comment on that new information.  (To see the information in the record thus far, visit the HLC EFiles site linked below)

All of the comments received by noon on January 20th will be posted to the HLC’s Efiles site by January 21st (linked below).  Then, to allow comment on that new comment, the record will be held open until 12 noon on January 26th, at which time a new public hearing will happen.  There will be no public comment at this January 26th hearing.

For all documents submitted to the Historic Landmarks Commission in this case, visit the City’s EFiles site for this case:        

For MTNA’s January 8th letter to HLC, responding to the Dec 1st hearing and the Dec 23rd document from Water Bureau, follow this link:   

For a debrief on the first hearing on December 1st, 2014; follow this link: