Sunday, March 1, 2015

Water Bureau Appeals HLC decision

We are disheartened to report that on February 26, the Portland Water Bureau (PWB) filed an appeal to overturn aspects of the decision rendered by the Historic Landmarks Commission (HLC) review. The PWB continues to resist their responsibility to care for Tabor’s historic resources, even going so far now as to oppose those mandates set forth by Portland’s respected Historic Landmarks Commissioners.    Specifically, Water Bureau objects to aspects of the requirement to keep water as a central feature at the site, and to the requirement to perform much needed historic-preservation work.  Contrast this with Water Bureau's response to directives from the Historic Landmarks Commissioners regarding the reservoirs in  Washington Park — at Washington Park's reservoir site, Water Bureau respected input from the HLC, they took a careful and holistic approach to the construction plan for the site, and they're providing water features and thoughtful historic preservation work there.  

MTNA has now entered an expensive appeal process, by which we hope to secure, again, deep water views and historic preservation-maintenance for Mt. Tabor's reservoir site.  Tabor's reservoirs need your financial support, today.

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What is Mt. Tabor Park worth to you?  What does it bring to your life and your routines?  How will your park experience be affected, if Tabor's anchoring  features are allowed to sit empty and crumble?  The historic reservoirs on Tabor are part of a captivating American story that marries ingenuity and beauty.  They provide the magnificent, deep-water views that are the hallmark of this Eastside, crown-jewel park.  Historic preservation specialists agree that this site's story is worth preserving.  We need your help to secure what is right for Mt. Tabor's historic site.

Please, sit down now and write  a check of any size.  It’s tax-deductible!  Every dollar counts.  If 100 people write $200 checks, we can meet our goal quickly.  If you can be one of those 100, please stretch yourself and help make it happen.  If not, just remember, every single dollar counts!

Make checks payable to “SE Uplift” and include “MTNA-reservoirs” in the memo line
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