Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Watchdogs worth watching

A new group formed this Fall, and they plan to spotlight wasteful (to the point of illegal) spending by the utlity bureaus.  Interestingly, this group's research and commitment is largely an outgrowth of the movement to protect our water system from a wasteful and useless federal regulation called LT2.  The very well read citizens who have for years combed through Water Bureau documents related to water safety and LT2, have in the process earned an honorary degree in local Water Bureau politics and budgeting practices.  The best read citizens can shock you with what they've found. 

It is a group worth watching: www.waterreform.blogspot.com

Notice - Development at SE 52nd and SE Stark

In February of 2011, MTNA was notified by the new owners of the lot on the Northeast corner of SE 52nd and SE Stark that they plan to subdivide and build three new homes.  MTNA hosted a meeting for the developer and the neighbors of the lot to discuss.  Some surprises came out of this meeting, which took time to resolve.  Fast forward to the present (Fall 2011) and the developer has cleaned up their lot lines and filed for a Land Use Review.  Case File #LU 11-166252 LDP.

Neighbors to the lot submitted responses, largley worried for pedestrian safety and upset that so many large trees would be lost.  The MTNA Land Use Chair submitted a response which you can read here.  Given the structure of this confusing intersection, and the high level of school-aged pedestrian traffic it hosts, it is troubling to imagine 3 new driveways being added within 100' of this intersection.