Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mayor's office recognizes Solarize Portland

Last week a representative from the Mayor's office (Megan Ponder) said some very nice things about the Solarize Portland project as she presented Tim and me with Certificates of Appreciation. I came home and proudly posted my certificate on the frig, which is where these sorts of things live in my house. The resident 4-year old was noticeably delighted by the notion that Moms can get certificates too.

The award was a surprise, so I had a little trouble catching up with what was happening and I missed taking notes on some of the statistics Ms. Ponder cited about the project. But she was nice enough to share her comments in writing, so I can share some of them with you now:

The City of Portland would like to recognize the efforts of Stephanie Stewart from the Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association and Tim O’Neal the Sustainability Coordinator for SE Uplift for their joint efforts to bring the volume purchase model for solar photovoltaics to Portland. Their efforts have created an unmatched demand for solar that no other private or public entity has yet been able to create.
The program had 300 people sign up, and we expect about 150 of those households to go solar. Southeast has approximately 60 systems already installed through the Solarize program and over 50 of those were in 2009. Solarize SE held approximately 50% of the market share of all Portland area installs and the program didn’t even kick off until June. Other co-benefits to the program include re-roofing work, energy efficiency upgrades and enhanced community spirit.