Monday, February 24, 2014

Tabor Reservoir Disconnect - Water source for reservoirs

With our first overview of the construction plans, we aren't seeing an adequate water supply for a water feature at the reservoirs during or after Tabor Disconnect work.  The project's narrative states very clearly: "all inlets...will be capped."  When we stated so at our neighborhood meeting on Wednesday, Feb 19, Water Bureau staffers Tom Carter and Tim Hall asserted there would be water available to the reservoirs. Meeting attendees asked me to confirm the accuracy of that assertion and the adequacy of the supply to which Carter and Hall vaguely alluded.  These are big reservoirs, and we can't just fill them with a garden hose.  So, how does Water Bureau define water?  I'm trying to get that answered, but as of today my inquiry goes completely unacknowledged (5 days and counting).  Update 4-1-14: I still cannot confirm there will be adequate water for the reservoirs post-disconnect.

Here is what I asked Teresa Elliot and Tom Carter by email at 11am on Feb 20:
  1. How will water be provided to the reservoirs during disconnect construction?
  2. How will water be provided to the reservoirs after disconnect construction?
  3. Does Water Bureau currently plan to have water in 1, 5 and 6 during disconnect construction?  If so, how much?
  4. Does Water Bureau currently plan to have water in 1, 5 and 6 after disconnect construction?  If so, how much?

Here are the answers Tom Carter sent on Feb 25: 
None of the specifics I asked for were addressed in Carter's response.  The devil is in the details, and PWB is letting us see them yet.  Here is most of Carter's email to me:

In answer to your questions, it’s necessary to drain the reservoirs and keep them empty while we are doing the proposed work. Otherwise, we’d either be working underwater or cutting open pipes full of water. 

When we are finished, the reservoirs will able to be re-filled with pipes that are connected to the water supply system (that is, water coming from Bull Run). They’ll be drained by pipes leading to the sewer system, the same as they are today. And finally, they will be cleaned by the existing wash down system pipes, which are not affected by this project. These connections will be better illustrated in our plans when we apply for the Type III Land Use Review.

The reservoirs will be able to be filled and maintained as City Council directs.

Here are my follow-up questions, seeking more details, sent on Feb 25:
Hello Tom -

Thanks for your response.  I have further questions.  
  1. Specifically, please detail the fill-rate of the remaining water source for each reservoir, and compare that to the fill-rate of the current water source for each reservoir.  This information is needed to adequately answer questions in the community.
  2. Do you have a schedule for when each reservoir will be drained during construction?  Will they all drain at once, or will they be staggered according to specific work?
  3. Do you have a schedule or goal for post-construction re-filling of the reservoirs?

UPDATE April 1: the above questions have not been acknowledged or answered by PWB staff.

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