Monday, March 17, 2014

Tabor Disconnect - Request improvements to the land use application. Take action by March 24.

UPDATE 3-25-14:  Fish's office is considering, but not committing to, these changes to the document's presentation.  Please keep pushing!

Contact Commissioner Fish's office and 
PWB staff by March 24, 2014:
Main office phone for Commissioner Fish: (503) 823-3589
staff email for this issue in Commissioner Fish's office:
PWB staff email for this application:

Request: that Commissioner Fish direct the Portland Water Bureau (PWB) to make these specific improvements to the Type III land use application soon to be filed for the Tabor Disconnect project:
  1. Make available a drawing specifically dedicated just to trees.  Feature all trees within the project area, show tree number and size.  Clearly mark each tree to be cut with one symbol, and each tree to be impacted in the root zone with another symbol.  Please make sure the data are presented in a manner that will be understandable to neighborhood residents;
  2. Create one drawing specifically dedicated to locating just the existing pipes to be accessed in project; 
  3. Include in Historic Resource Review narrative a clear explanation of the specific alternatives considered within the project, along the lines of the narrative presented by the Environmental Review in the initial application;
  4. Make available to the public a clear explanation of how the reservoirs will be filled with water in the future, including the size of the pipes, the rates of flow and the origin of the water;
  5. Have the application clearly list a project-specific, Parks Bureau contact for the community;
  6. Clearly indicate staging areas and transportation system impacts caused by materials coming in and out of the project.”
The Portland Water Bureau is specifically seeking input regarding the usability of their land use application materials. MTNA has specific recommendations to improve the user-interface of this application.  We are asking citizens to advocate for these specific improvements, outlined above.  Make these requests to Commissioner Fish's office because PWB staff will await his direction on this subject, but copy PWB staff so they have the details of these requests.

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