Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tabor Disconnect - Tentative timeline, public outreach by PWB

We have a rough outline of Portland Water Bureau's tentative timeline for the Tabor Disconnect land-use review process.  This is for the land-use review only.  This does not include construction timelines that happen later. 

Tentative schedule 
(updated with significant changes April 16)

·            April 24 – May 11, sporadic dates - Portland Water Bureau plans to host onsite orientation walks for their draft construction plan.  The walking tours on Mt. Tabor will be with PWB employees and will highlight select parts of their construction plan.  Tours will be limited and require advance reservations.  Visit here to register for a tour:              

·            May 6 – Public meeting #1; see Portland Water Bureau’s draft proposal for the disconnect construction project.  Meeting open to all citizens, come and ask questions and offer feedback. Parks Commissioner Amanda Fritz will be present at this meeting.  

·            June 11 – Public meeting #2; see Water Bureau's final proposal and how it incorporates community concerns raised at May 6 meeting. Both Parks Commissioner Amanda Fritz and Water Commissioner Nick Fish will be present at this meeting.

·           June 4 – Portland Water Bureau files the Type III version of the land use application.  PWB promises to put the entire narrative and the plan drawings online for easy access at this time. 

·            Around June 25 – The official legal record on this land use case is expected to open around June 23.  Comments made before this point will not be in the record, and they will need to be made again.  For a comment to be addressed/mentioned in the BDS staff summary given to the Historic Landmarks Commission, it will need to be in the record, and in the record before BDS writes their staff summary (approx. 15 days before the public hearing).

·            July – public comment period in which official record is open.

·            July 30 – the approximate deadline for entering comments into the record in time for them to be included in the BDS staff summary handed to the Historic Landmarks Commission.

  Around August 15 – the public hearing on this case in front of the Historic Landmarks Commission.  The public is invited to speak.

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