Friday, August 29, 2014

Notice - 536 SE 55th Ave

Read the official notice here:

Homeowners propose to set up a short-term rental (think airBnB or VRBO) in their home at 536 SE 55th Ave with 4 guest rooms estimating capacity at 10 guests per night.  This is a Conditional Use Review. 

Comments for the planner reviewing this case are due by 5pm on Sept 11, 2014.  Email comments to Amanda Rhoads:

What is a Conditional Use?
As explained in Portland code:
Certain uses are conditional uses instead of being allowed outright, although they may have beneficial effects and serve important public interests. They are subject to the conditional use regulations because they may, but do not necessarily, have significant adverse effects on the environment, overburden public services, change the desired character of an area, or create major nuisances. A review of these uses is necessary due to the potential individual or cumulative impacts they may have on the surrounding area or neighborhood. The conditional use review provides an opportunity to allow the use when there are minimal impacts, to allow the use but impose mitigation measures to address identified concerns, or to deny the use if the concerns cannot be resolved. 

What code governs the approval of this request?
You need to read two code sections for this case.

Portland BnB code, Title 33.212 which was referenced in the official notice was replaced on September 2, 2014 with Title 33.207.  However, this application was filed while Title 33.212 (the old code) was in effect so it is the code used to govern this application.  It isn't available online anymore, but I've posted a copy of it here:

Approval criteria for Institutional Uses Conditional Use Review, Title 33.815.105:   

Important Documents from this case file:
The case file number is LU 14-148742-CU.

The original narrative written by the homeowner/applicant is linked here:

The response from the assigned city planner, asking for more information is here:

The response from the homeowner/applicant to the city planner's request for more information is here, and it includes the traffic study the homeowner/applicant conducted:

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