Monday, December 8, 2014

Notice to Demolish - 1924 SE 50th Ave

MTNA received a written "intent to demolish" notice on Dec 6, regarding one of the properties on SE 50th.  The letter and the "request to delay" form are linked below.  We have unofficially heard that a developer, is buying several parcels/houses along SE 50th, with the intent to build multi-unit housing. A few nearby examples of this developer's work include: SE 37th and Division, one currently under construction on Cesar Chavez between Belmont and Stark, and a building at 29th and Burnside.

Bob Kellett of SE Uplift tells us:
The petition for delay gives the neighborhood association the right to ask for a 120-day delay before a demolition permit is granted. The reason MT Tabor Neighborhood Association received this is that one of the properties (1924 SE 50th) is in a residential zone (R1) and the intent is to replace a single family home with multiple units. The purpose of this is to give people a chance to save viable housing by purchasing a property, moving a property or through some other means. You should note that the request for delay has to come from the neighborhood or business association. They have to submit the request, but anyone can try to save a house/seek alternatives after the delay is granted. Here is the link to the applicable code:

MTNA does not currently have any plans to act on this.  If neighbors want to investigate this tool (the delay request), try contacting the planner listed on the form (Karen Perkins) and Bob Kellett with SE Uplift.  Contact me immediately if you would like MTNA to vote on a delay, so that you can move the house in question. 

Notice to demolish, delay request form:

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