Monday, May 11, 2015

Tabor Disconnect Appeal News

Appeal Date
Thursday, May 28th at 2 pm
Council Chambers, City Hall

Op Ed in the Oregonian on Sunday, May 17.  Click here.
Op Ed in the SE Examiner on May 1; written by Eileen Brady.  Click here.

Important Documents
MTNA's Appeal Report, April 29th -- Click here.  MTNA submitted a substantive appeal report to each City Commissioner and the Mayor.  This document lays out our case.  In short, we support the February 9th Historic Landmarks Commission Decision and seek to strengthen their work.  

SHPO's rebuttal, March 20 --  Click here.  The State Historic Preservation Office responded to Water Bureau's appeal.  They openly reject two assertions made by Water Bureau, undermining that appeal.

MTNA's initial appeal filing, Feb 27 --  Click here. Our first formal paperwork for the appeal; this makes us Appellant #2 in this case and gives us equal footing to Water Bureau in the appeal proceedings.  This form briefly cite's specific code failures.

Water Bureau's appeal filing, Feb 26 --  Click here. Water Bureau challenges essential elements of the approval conditions stipulated by the Historic Landmarks Commission; this move opened the appeal process and made Water Bureau Appellant #1.

Appeal Hearing Facts

  • Expect oral testimony to be strictly limited to 2 minutes.
  • Written testimony can be emailed into the record until May 27:

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