Friday, December 4, 2015

Post-meeting summary: Zoning

This is the promised follow-up from the zoning meeting the Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association (MTNA) hosted on November 19.  The powerpoint used by City staff at this meeting is available here:

Summary of Deadlines
  • If you are concerned with the veracity of the zoning projections made in the Comprehensive Plan Map (which was made 35 years ago, by a different population), then you need to "comment" now, during the comment period for the Comprehensive Plan Map.  Hearings on the Comp Plan Map are underway NOW, and there are two hearings left: December 10 (6-9 pm, info here ) and January 7th (6-9pm, info here:  You must arrive 45 minutes before the hearing start time to sign up for a testimony slot; not everyone will be able to testify as there are only 3 hours worth of slots. 
  • If you are concerned about the new Commercial zoning definition proposals, or where they will be applied in our neighborhood, then you need to "comment" on the Mixed Use Zoning Project.  The public comment period to the planning staff has closed, but another public comment period will open again once the draft proposal is published on February 1st.  Hearings are expected to be in March.  You can get sign up for email notifications about the draft when it is published, and updates on the hearing dates on the Mixed Used Zoning Project's webpage:
  • If you are concerned about the criteria being used by the City when responding to the mismatch between existing zoning, and zoning projections made in the Comprehensive Plan Map, you need to "comment" on the Residential and Open Space Zoning Map Update Project, and you need to do so BEFORE December 21 at noon.  If you have suggestions for the criteria to be used, send those to: , or you can comment via the Map App (linked below).  For your reference, the webpage for this project is here:

Map App

Reportedly, all of the significant planning projects that are happening to make this generation's update to the Comprehensive Plan, can be seen and commented on from the Map App dashboard which is here:

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