Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Citizen Initiatives for Water - 2013

This summer I learned of three new efforts initiated by citizens, aimed at protecting the reservoirs and Bull Run:   the TRUST, the INJUNCTION, and the PUD (Public Utility District).  There is enough information about the PUD to warrant its own post.  As I learn more about the Trust and the Injunction, or other initiatives, I'll post here.

the TRUST: was announced Oct 27; read WWeek article.  The group has a facebook page.  I note that Seth Woolley is associated with this new effort, which leaves me wondering if the Trust will have any real substance. From what I can gather, Seth Woolley is not a friend of the reservoirs.  He either simply doesn't believe they deliver clean water (in which case, he doesn't believe in science and we don't want him anywhere near our water system) or he just doesn't believe budgets matter (in which case, we don't want him near our water system)... in either case, he isn't an enthusiastic supporter of the reservoirs we already own and he doesn't seem to see them as an important part of our system. That sounds very much like the City's point of view. He is a newcomer to the Bull Run/LT2/Open Reservoir issue (welcome all comers!), and as he's yet to inquire for facts from the most educated citizens in the ring, I wonder where he gets his questions answered.

The WW article linked above mentions only the one element of the Trust, which provides for simple conflict of interest bans.  So does the PUD proposal (can you tell these provisions are long overdue?). Woolley is quoted saying the Trust will address transparency, accountability, and "public perception around water." That last little tid-bit, "public perception around water," sounds like a line from a guy who thinks citizens don't know how to think for themselves. That is a certain brand of politician I don't particularly care for; I'd watch out for this one.

I genuinely love the idea of setting our water supply in a Trust owned by the public, which I assume is what this Trust attempts to do (although, I still can't tell).  I hope this turns out to be an effort worth watching.

the INJUNCTION: no news yet.