Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The History of the "What Goes On Top" discussion

You've heard the rhetoric, you're looking at the reservoirs, and now your wondering what happens to this park if we loose the good fight?

Some people have even started to panic, and they are pushing to jump into the discussion about what goes on top because they fear they'll get left out of it.  I assert, this is a very bad decision.  There are STILL viable options that the City absolutely will not bother to work on if they think they can get away with just moving forward with destruction.  And diverting community energy to the what goes on top process will absolutely shut down any other forward motion.

Remember, we've been here before, we had the "what goes on top" public process in 2002.  A design competition was held, beautiful drawings were made, cost estimates were higher than any available budget, and doesn't this sound like a loop?  We don't need to pay for another set of planners and another set of plans.

I will post 2002 DESIGN IMAGES HERE when I find them.  For now, you can reference a blog post on Jack's Blog from 2003.

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