Monday, May 19, 2014

Community Stakeholders' Requests regarding Tabor Disconnect

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) recruited by MTNA, produced and presented a list of seven broad requests at the May 6, public meeting (see a summary of that meeting here). Commissioners Fritz and Fish offered some responses to these requests at the June 11, public meeting (you can watch that meeting here:

These requests attempt to capture the community’s values and goals for the outcome of this major change at Mt. Tabor. The CAC will negotiate with the Portland Water Bureau and Commissioners for the items on this list.  We hope you will vocalize your support for the "Community Stakeholders' Request" to all of City Council (by email, phone, etc.).  Your calls can help this list become a priority with Council.

The link provided here will be for the latest version of this document.  It is a living document, that evolves with feedback both from the community, but also from the City employees with whom we negotiate.

Latest update Oct 8, 2014:

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